by Ken Carpenter

Man, even a few years ago I would have taken offense at anyone who called me a Blogger. Now I am one, though not really pleased with the word after finding out I am associated with Widgets. What are Widgets? I do not want to know, but one of my backdoor Blog windows says Widgets on it. I got out of there in a hurry! The scum might bite right through the screen.

On the positive side, I added a couple of my stories from the past. I will add at least a couple per day, with a short forward, and write one or hopefully two new ones per week. I just thought that if you are going to be subjected to the ramblings of a lunatic you be able to prepare your brain for it.

By the way, even if I have to endure Widgets in my neighborhood, I will draw a wide line in the sand to fight off anyone who accuses me of Tweeting. When I was growing up calling someone a Tweeter was a good way to get your Twalls Twunched.

I’d bet my tweeter on that.