Poultry murder, boobs and chocolate?

by Ken Carpenter

OK, I dredged up two stories from 2011 and 2012. Just wait until I get to 1995, I was almost virginal back then. Sheesh, don’t shoot coffee out of your nose like that, it is unseemly.

I never was a chicken guy before, but I have always been partial to boobs and chocolate. Maybe it is a guy thing.

You think?

Now I love our chickens, they are not near as much of a pack of dumb clucks as you would expect. They actually have individual personalities, or at least some of them do.

As for boobs, and I am not talking about the dumbass down the street, they got mankind this far without too much help. Now multiple brains are messing things up. Maybe the boobs will rise up and take over again.

Chocolate speaks for itself. Perhaps nothing drips between common and decadent like the world of chocolate. If everybody in the world ate more, perhaps humans would not be so murderous. Then again, who knows, we might all be worse.