Dung beetles, epitaphs and coffee soaked keyboards: gotta love it

by Ken Carpenter

This is my daily forward to the two stories I added to my blog, and I want to start out by thanking some people. In the last couple days I sent out a lot of friend requests to folks on Facebook, many of whom were no doubt surprised to get one from me. Most of them friended me anyway, which I greatly appreciate. The reason I sent out so many, and will likely continue to do so, is this: I love it when I can make somebody shoot coffee out of their nose.

Maybe I should explain myself. I received a message yesterday from someone who read the ‘duct tape’ story on my Blog yesterday and squirted hot coffee through their nose all over their laptop at a crucial moment. That warmed my heart almost as much as it warmed their nostrils. I love adding a laugh or two to lives, whether they need it or not. OK, enough of that.

Today my two stories are about dung beetles (1/2012) and epitaphs (6/2012). Both subjects intrigue me. Who doesn’t love a good dung beetle? Well, maybe lots of people, but it is not their fault they like poop.

As for epitaphs, you could write a book about funny ones. I did not do a book, but I did manage to find some good ones. Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow.