Neither evil women nor the taste of foot are fit for an empty stomach

by Ken Carpenter



This morning I was reminded of some unsavory episodes in my life when I tried to decide what two stories to throw out there for inspection. The first recounts a singularly embarrassing event that happened back in 2006 when I was still working as an appraiser for the Assessor’s Office. It was actually one of many, but it is still memorable.


The second story is a poem that tells a fictional account of a chance encounter on a street that could be anywhere or anytime. It is not based on a single event, but rather details a certain species of human that just happens to be female bitch. She seems very good at it to me, and the fact that she is a snooty beauty is done more for the visual effect than anything. Regardless, we have all met someone like her. Hopefully we all get a chance to respond to her twins in the same manner my hero does.