Do bullies ever feel regret?

by Ken Carpenter

I realize this is a slight exaggeration, but I do believe the whole, and I do mean whole, world is going insane at an accelerated rate. What do I blame for this?
Bullies, plain and simple. I know we hear and read about cyber-bullying, playground bullying and neighborhood bullying every day. These things are indeed a deadly serious issue; they cause suicides and prompt severe mental problems that can last a lifetime. School should be a time of learning, bonding, building happy memories and having fun.
You’re only a kid once. It should be a cherished experience. In many cases it is, but thanks to peer bullying and parent bullying, it is often a time of regret. Regret that you have to get up in the morning. Regret that you are not bigger and stronger. Regret that you can’t protect yourself, either mentally or physically.
Do the bullies, both individual and groups, ever feel regret? Many of the younger ones do, but only years later, when it is too late to undo the damage they caused. Most of the worst bullies are that way for life, as mentally tortured as many of their victims.
The only way bullies can find satisfaction in life is by distributing misery to others. It’s like a drug to them, and unfortunately for the rest of the world many of these hateful individuals end up being the rulers of the world’s countries.
While some bullies are low intelligence tormenters, and others have decent IQ’s, they all have one skill: they are natural born recruiters. Many of their followers just don’t want to be a victim, many are bullies themselves but like having a leader, and some get sucked in before they realize there could be negative consequences in the future.
This recruiting ability by the most efficient bullies is why there are so many gangs ruling neighborhoods and countries. Think there are no bullies in American politics? Think again. The Federal level is full of them, as is the upper level in every country in the world.
Bullies are arrogant, over-confident, in all ways inconsiderate, belittling braggarts and they have a firm belief in their superiority over their fellow man. They love to be in the spotlight, and often use Facebook as a bullying weapon.
“Look at me, look at me! I am the best and brightest, glittering disco ball in the universe! Bow down, peons!”
Let’s say for instance that a family is a mini-country. Many are respectful, resourceful, protective, loving and humane to all who deserve it. If one of them is bullied and needs help, there is a very good chance that the bully will get what he deserves: some of his own medicine, in spades, right between the legs.
Some families have their own internal bullying problems. Not just immediate family either, though children are common victims, but in-laws provide an especially tempting target to be treated like dirt.
Remarkably, there are those who will even admit that they are bullies to anyone they consider weaker than they are. Or whom they think are weaker, for they are not always right. Quiet, thoughtful and caring are not necessarily signs of weakness, though a bully will always think they are.
I apologize for losing my sense of humor with this offering. It just seemed like it was time to remind everybody that if somebody is being bullied, you need to either find a way to stop it or find someone who can. Especially in schools, for that is where most of it starts and that is where much of it can be changed. Kids should be made aware that it is OK to ask for help.
Have a nice, bully-free life.