A few words on butt cracks

by Ken Carpenter

My story for today is from 2004 but fits in quite well today. Butt cleavage does not disappear, it just grows deeper.
Being a semi-normal male, I do not find female cleavage of any kind totally distasteful. Do I think that women, or for that matter girls, should go around with the top half of their rump poking out like Kilroy though? No, I do not.
Human clothing was designed to cover up vulnerable parts of the body. I often wonder about the hysterical situation that would develop if a wandering herd of bees suddenly decided to nest within the ready made hive developed by too much butt crack hanging out.
I hope it happens on Main Street (also know as Butt Crack Alley) and that I am there with a camera. Sadly, with my luck, it will be a plump male plumber it happens to.
It makes my eyes ache just to think about it.