Guess what?

by Ken Carpenter

In case any of you had any doubts, I AM NOT A DUMBASS!
Hah, gotcha! April Fool’s fools! Oh crap, I guess I got myself. Damn you Moriarty!
I was working on a very impressive April Fool’s Day story, about half done and quite pleased with myself. While bopping back and forth between my research material and my document, my Word program suddenly quit responding. Unfortunately I had not saved most of my work, and I lost it all except for the first few lines.
Since a winner never quits and a quitter never wins, I decided to quit. It was too disheartening to try to redo it.
Instead, I am posting one of my personal favorite stories about some hateful hair clippers my Mom owned when I was a kid. Hope you like it.
I also hope I have learned a lesson about saving my work.
Hah, gotcha again!