A trip back to 2003 dating sites

by Ken Carpenter

Before I jump into my BS I want to apologize to my dozen readers for taking five days off from my blog. Let’s just say I was distracted and leave it at that.
In early 2003 I was in the midst of my second bachelorhood. A friend had suggested that since I can write a sentence or two with only a few errors, I should try online dating. It sounded like a good way to fool someone into liking me before they saw me, so I went for it.
First I did some research to see if it was a viable option. There were few positives that I could see, but going dateless forever didn’t sound good either.
Eventually I went for it, and in the long run it worked because I met my wife on a civilized site. I’m getting ahead of myself though, because this story took place before any of my terrifying dates.
Nuff said.