The Kid Gloves Are Off!

by Ken Carpenter

OK, I am giving you all fair warning. My new story shows an even more twisted side to me that many of you have not seen yet. There are nasty words, taboo sex acts and mental images to ravage the soul. Nothing graphic though.
So, if you read it don’t say I didn’t warn you. I have been writing naughty limericks for years, for the simple reason that they are funny. I happen to think this is too, but I’m a sicko.
If anyone reads it and wants to comment, you can do it on my blog or send me a message on Facebook. You might not want to post remarks that others can read if you don’t want anyone knowing you had the gall to read such a thing.
Some of my new stories will be in the same vein, but all the old ones were in the local paper at one time so they are pretty tame.
Hang in there.