If a dream isn’t just a dream, I may be nuts

by Ken Carpenter

I had the eeriest, most vivid dream last night that I have had in ages. In the vision I am in bed, covers up around my neck, and I wake up to see a very tall, menacing figure leaning over me trying to peer into my face. To my horror I discover I am paralyzed, can’t even twitch, including my vocal cords. I know that I have to warn the unknown person in the bed across the room though, even if all they can do is flee down the hall while the shadowy intruder wraps me up in aluminum foil (or whatever).
At that time, through dogged determination, I manage to squeak out a sound of some sort. Naturally the dream starts becoming reality at that point, and the demented warbling of a neutered Tarzan wakes my wife up.
Funny thing is, I can still hear that panic stricken wailing. The more I keep hearing it, the more it actually does sound like the sound that would come out of a midget Tarzan if he had a boa constrictor choking him and a crocodile chewing on his crotch.
Needless to say it was an extremely rude awakening for my wife, made the more so because I got the unstoppable giggles for about an hour and kept her from going back to sleep. I am still snorting off and on, that inhuman warble should never have come out of my mouth.
Trying to make sense of the dream I pulled out my handy dandy Dreamer’s Dictionary. I looked up stranger, darkness and bed, but was distressed to find that Tarzan and warble were not listed anywhere in the book.
If I interpret this correctly, which is debatable, the shadowy stranger was Self, and a sneaky one at that. He, or me, was peering into me to see what he, or me, could see. That confused me, or he, because I don’t know what to see.
I tried darkness and was not surprised to find out that it stands for Ignorance. To be more exact, it means I am either ignoring or failing to acknowledge something that could be important to my well-being. Perhaps the fact that I can squall like a tongueless jungle dude is more important than I thought.
Bed was the last term I could think to look up and it seems to imply that mental calmness and peace will be required to assimilate all of the knowledge surrounding me that I presently ignore because I am going cross-eyed trying to see myself.
It is all too confusing for me to grasp right now. There is obviously some mystery going on in my little pea brain that will find its way out when it is good and ready.
Or maybe, just maybe, a dream is just a dream, and nothing more.
I think I’ll go warble at the dogs for a while.
They like it, and they could care less what I dream about as long as I don’t start kicking in my sleep.