Good manners vary from soul to soul

by Ken Carpenter

Different usages of the word etiquette can apply to proper behavior in the medical profession, court proceedings or official ceremonies. The story for today is only concerned with dining manners however, both the snobbish kind and the brutish kind.
It is unlikely that a day laborer will eat with the ruler of his country very often, but that does not mean that his habits are less civilized than those of his lofty dining partner. Less refined, yeah, less keep-the-pinky-out, definitely, but his standards should not be poohed at because he is a commoner.
Personally, I don’t like snobs and I don’t want to eat with any. Period. If I somehow can’t avoid doing it, I might be tempted to rip out a good fart right before the main course just to mortify them.
With both pinkies out, of course.