Well, I swear, is that a midget gangster?

by Ken Carpenter

I wrote the following story in 2006. It is strange that it popped up now for I just bought a new hat two days ago. It too is a fedora, though I like this one better. It is an All American Stetson, made in China.
Yes, that sounds kind of crappy, but the price was right and the made in China tag is hidden from view on the inside. I worry a little bit that when it gets wet it will turn into soggy rice noodles, but you get what you pay for so I can live with it.
The public doesn’t have to worry because I have no intention of yanking a tommy gun out of my underwear on main street, or anything else for that matter.
I doubt if this tale will inspire anybody to run out and buy a fedora. You have to keep in mind that if you aren’t on the odd side it won’t work for you. I’m not so sure it works for me either but the odds don’t care.