Fists for Father’s Day

by Ken Carpenter

I didn’t have a Dad’s Day thing to share, but to honor my Dad I picked this 2013 story about fisticuffs. Up until the day he died at 93 he would still close his fist and shake it when talking about someone he didn’t like and say, “Just one punch, that’s all I need!”
He never realized that he was almost too weak to lift his arm, much less clout somebody with his fist. That didn’t matter though, in his mind he just knew he could and it gave him great satisfaction to know it. We never discouraged him, and the famous twinkle in his eye was always a pleasure to see. It was the same gleam he got when he saw a pretty girl and all of the nurses in the nursing home where he spent his last years remember it well. As far as that goes, many women he hadn’t seen in years still comment on that sparkle to me.
Dad brought a lot of joy to many people’s hearts and liked nothing better than a good laugh. Much of my twisted sense of humor came from him, and I never forget that.
His clenched fist still brings a smile to my face too.
Thanks for the memories Dad. I still love you.