Flashing is not a new sport

by Ken Carpenter

The following story was written in 2006, and while my life has changed considerably since then, my tendency to attract odd situations has not. As long as there are Carpenters in the world it is likely that this curse will have some kind of effect on them too.
My sweet sister Elana, who passed away just over a year ago, was also a magnet for the bizarre. While crossing a street in Spokane many years ago she met a well-dressed man wearing a, drum roll please, trench coat. When they neared each other he suddenly whipped his coat open and flashed her. Without missing a step or a beat she looked at “it” and said, “I’ve seen better.” She then giggled her way to her office and the flasher moped his not-so-merry way down the street, shoulders slumped.
So, if anybody aspires to a career as a flasher keep in mind that there can be occupational hazards. Good thing Elana wasn’t carrying an umbrella.